Cat ID Tags

cat id tags

What Are Cat ID Tags?

A cat ID tag is a durable flat tag that attaches to your cats collar. Contact information is printed on the tag to ensure your cat's safe return if lost. Aw Paws custom cat tags have an aluminum core with a strong polymer coating. They are also a hilarious eye-catching ID that is sure to stand out.

cat id tags

Why Does My Cat Need A Cat ID Tag?

There is always a chance your cat could get lost. Even indoor cats could encounter a natural disaster that could put them at risk of becoming lost. Not to mention an ajar door that was mistakenly left opened. Having your cat microchipped is always recommended as a safe backup but the fastest way to get your cat returned home safe is having a cat ID tag easily visible for a stranger to see and take action.

cat id tags

Where Do I Buy A Cat ID Tag?

Aw Paws offers a wide selection of personalized cat ID tags to purchase online. Whether you are looking for a funny or a cute cat tag design, Aw Paws has plenty of unique options. The small round size is a perfect fit for a cat. If you don’t find your purrfect cat ID Tag in this collection try any other Aw Paws collection and choose a small round size.

cat id tags

How Do I Order A Cat ID Tag?

Aw Paws has many tags in the cat ID tag collection to browse through. Once you find your pets perfect tag, choose the best color scheme for your tag. Next it's time to personalize your cat ID tag. Add your cat's name, owners contact information and add to the cart.

cat id tags

What Should I Write On My Cat ID Tag?

You may include your cat's name, a phone number and an address if you would like. Some people also include medical conditions their cat may have. If applicable, including the phrase “Needs Meds” can add a sense of urgency.

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