Retail Pet ID Display - Package 2

Aw Paws Pet Tags


We are delighted to announce that Aw Paws is now offering pet ID tag retail displays! Our eye-catching, durable displays are an excellent, hassle free way to generate revenue and offers customers a unique, fun product.

Each Aw Paws Retail Display features six of our most popular tags with informative brochures and gift cards for purchase. The purchase of an Aw Paws gift card is redeemable for one pet ID tag. Your customers will be able to choose from over 100 options on the Aw Paws website at We have tags that fit even the most finicky furry friend and our customers love the great selection that we offer. As an added bonus to our wholesale clients, we offer free shipping with gift card tag purchases to your customers! Our gift card program also allows you to avoid the hassle of filling out burdensome mailer forms or purchasing expensive engraver machines.

1 - Eye-Catching Tag Display - $24.99
125 - Informative Brochures highlighting
some of our most popular tag designs.
50 Gift Cards (50% off Retail) - $5.99 each each
Total = $324.49